Everyone loves Twitter. For a small business like a dental practice, Twitter should absolutely be part of your marketing mix. But it can be confusing and intimidating to jump right in. We’re here to help you get started. Follow the Twitter marketing tips for dentists below to get a handle on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right.  Happy Tweeting!

Twitter Marketing for Dentists

Fill out your entire profile

This is where you start. You’re going to want to sign up and claim a name that represents your business. Keep it professional and straight forward. It’s easy to want to be clever and tongue-in-cheek, but for personal branding reasons you should grab your own name, or office name, and sign in.

Once you claim a name, start building out your profile. Choose a hero image (large picture at the top) and a profile image (smaller circle) that represent your business. Best practice for dentists is to put a picture of yourself as the profile picture, and a picture of your office or staff as the header image. Choose a bright, clean image that showcases how friendly your office is!

Lastly – create a bio for your page. Describe what services you offer, where your office is located, and you can even brag about your five-star reviews.

Share your content

You’re reading this article because you want to promote yourself better — so don’t forget to do that! Every piece of marketing content you create for your practice should be sent through your Twitter profile. A blog post, a pamphlet, an infographic, a new wonderful patient review — all of these are opportunities for promotion. Don’t miss out!

Feeling too busy? Set a calendar reminder to Tweet at lunch, and then again at the end of the day. Start with that and build up from there. You’ll find it’s quicker and easier than you’d imagine.

Retweet and follow others

Twitter is a community. It’s about sharing information at rapid speed. It’s about networking and having fun. It’s about sharing cool stuff (see below). So get involved! Follow other dentists, follow your patients, follow the rock stars in your industry, follow everyone that makes sense for your business.

Don’t just follow them, retweet them! Share their posts to your audience and they’ll do the same. It’s a two-way conversation, so don’t forget to reply to those who reply to you. Be respectful, honest, and have fun.

Share industry content

Your Twitter page can seem robotic if all you’re doing is sending out messages about your practice. Mix things up, frequently, by sharing industry content. A national publication writes an article about modern dentistry? Share it. Another practice writes a great blog post about brushing tips? Share it. Share the wealth and others will return the favor. Your audience will be grateful to hear from other voices and know that your page isn’t being run by a robot.

Use #hashtags

To be found on Twitter, especially as you’re beginning to build your page, you’ll need to include hashtags. Do some research by seeing what dental industry hashtags are often used. Do some more research and see what hashtags are used by everyone, but still pertain to what type of message you’re sharing.

You include these hashtags so when people are researching “trending topics” (Twitter’s most popular discussions at that moment) your tweet has a chance to surface.

Promote it

Lastly, since you’re spending so much time working on  your new Twitter page, don’t forget to promote it at the office! Include it in your email newsletter. Put a small business card stand at reception with your Twitter handle prominently displayed. You’ll be surprised how many patients will follow up to stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

And why wouldn’t they? You’re sharing cool facts, information about the firm, industry content, and so much more.

Need a little extra help? Feel free to contact me directly to learn more 🙂


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