With so much competition for patients in the dental industry, you need to step up your marketing suite and add retargeting to your 2019 plans.

What is retargeting? It’s continuing to market to possible new patients who have expressed interest in your practice.

There are many ways to keep momentum and stay ‘top-of-mind’ for potential new patients who have checked you out online. Here are three of the best retargeting or remarketing strategies for dentists:

Retargeting Strategies for Dentists

Facebook Ads

You’ve no doubt heard (and seen!) about how hot Facebook advertising is within the service industry. It’s easy and affordable to test this tactic out if you set the campaign up correctly.

You’ll need to add a pixel to the code of your website to track users using what’s called “cookies” — every visitor to your site will be assigned one and it will follow them virtually to their Facebook page. You’ll create a retargeting campaign on Facebook targeted towards your cookied website users. Now all you’ll need is some stunning creative and a suitable landing page. Encourage users once they’ve clicked to sign up for a free assessment or book their first appointment.

Here’s an example of a Facebook ad:

Image result for dentist facebook ad

Display Ads

Ever go shopping for shoes or for a car and then it seems like that website “follows” you around the web with ads? That’s the basics of display retargeting where you use Google Display Network (GDN) to showcase ads to users who visit your website. There are six standard sizes of display ads and you’ll need to add a pixel to your website  for Google similar to what you added for Facebook. You can set your desired monthly budget and many other options for showcasing these display ads. Here are a few examples:

Image result for dentist display ad

Direct Mail

Snail mail is so in right now. With most of us receiving hundreds of emails per day, a great way to stand out from the noise is with retargeting direct mail. Typically it’s a normal-sized or over-sized postcard delivered around 48 hours after a customer visits your website. Add an offer to the postcard for new patients and/or seasonal messaging to help drive interest.

Here’s an example of a direct mail postcard:

Image result for dentist postcard

Now that you have a breakdown of our favorite dentist remarketing strategies – what are some of yours? How do you attract new patients to your dental office? Share in the comments!


Most dental websites don’t see any return on investment and it shouldn’t be that way. Sure, a website gives you an online presence and is often a new patient’s first impression of your practice but if the website isn’t generating new patients, something is terribly wrong. Our #1 goal is for you to be successful. After all, when we make you successful, we’ll be successful too. We exclusively serve dental practices which is why we’re really good at creating a specific strategy that gets results.

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