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Ready to supercharge your dental practice’s marketing? Facebook advertising is it. You’ll generate exposure, leads, and sales at fraction of the cost of PPC and other local marketing channels.

Facebook is the cream of the crop for social exposure, and their targeting capabilities can have you laser-focused on just a few miles around your office, if that’s what you desire.

It’s never been cheaper or easier to get involved. So here are 9 reasons dentists should try Facebook advertising.

Here’s Why You Need To Try Dental Facebook Marketing

Your new patients are on Facebook for hours every day

Yes, absolutely everyone you know is on Facebook. Everyone that could be a potential new patient is on Facebook. It’s pretty much the only advertising medium where you’re guaranteed to reach (most) of your potential audience.

If you typically advertising towards towns/neighborhoods within a set of miles from your office, you can do so easily on Facebook. According to the latest figures released by Facebook, 1.55 billion people log onto Facebook every month and 1.39 billion visit via mobile. Massive reach is at your fingertips.

The average American spends about 40 minutes just on Facebook. Many users are “beyond” that average, too!

There’s the social sharing aspect, too. The ability to spread word-of-mouth and referrals will be a significant benefit your business can capitalize on by using Facebook advertising.

Organic Reach Is Over

Chances are high you already have a Facebook page for your office (you do, right?) But Facebook advertising reaches those who don’t follow you already. It’s critical. To push local businesses into advertising, Facebook has stripped away organic reach for your office’s page.

In the early days of Facebook, 100% of your page’s “fans” would see every post you made. Now, that number continues to shrink to less than 5%. So even those who have ‘liked’ your page for the content, barely see anything you post.

When you use advertising services, those ads can been by everyone who likes you page as well as those who don’t. It’s much more powerful.

The good news? You don’t need a huge budget to start. Typically, $50 will get your message in front of 10K possible patients in your area.

Hyper-focused Targeting

When you’re a local business you don’t want to waste advertising dollars on those outside your service area, or those who do not need your services. Thankfully, most people need a good dentist near their home!

Businesses can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections.

You can put your ads in front of the ideal audience for your practice. Including information about recent purchase behavior, life-event targeting (like just moving into your service area!), and lookalike audiences that match the demographics of your current patients. The system is wildly powerful.

Simple tools & tracking to use

Many dentists still think Facebook Ads are “too complicated.” That’s far from the case. The tools used to build the ads are intuitive and there are step-by-step guides you can follow as you learn.

There is no guessing with Facebook advertising. The results are measurable. And, the numbers will speak for itself. You will be able to see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you are receiving right in the ads dashboard.

Follow up with Retargeting on Email

Your website is generating a lot more traffic now that you’re running Facebook ads. You’re going to want to turn those new eyeballs into email list additions. Retarget those Facebook users by

Test out coupons & offers

Facebook is a great testing ground to push coupons and offers for your practice. Free cleaning! $20 off a crown! Priority appointments! Be creative with your ad copy and images and you’ll find the new patients you’re looking for.

If something works, and works well, keep running it or possibly use it on other marketing channels, like email.

Facebook ads are cheap & fast

Listen, possibly the best part about Facebook ads is you can start right away. Like,  right now. You could be up and running in minutes if you so choose. On top of that, they’re a very affordably marketing channel. Much less expensive than PPC, direct mail, or most other marketing you have going on. Drive eyeballs and patients for a  super low cost and start immediately? Yes, please.

Edge out your competitors

Not many dental agencies have the time, funds, and ability to advertise on Facebook. But you do. That’s a major advantage over the other practice in town. Don’t lose out on this untapped market and let someone else gobble it up!

Facebook ads are mobile-first

In 2019 if you’re not thinking mobile, you’re losing. Facebook ads look incredible and are optimized for mobile phone, specifically. Consider what each ad will look like on your phone (and the ad builder tool in Facebook has options to view mobile screens).

With so much competition for patients in the dental industry, you need to step up your marketing suite and add retargeting to your 2019 plans.

What is retargeting? It’s continuing to market to possible new patients who have expressed interest in your practice.

There are many ways to keep momentum and stay ‘top-of-mind’ for potential new patients who have checked you out online. Here are three of the best retargeting or remarketing strategies for dentists:

Retargeting Strategies for Dentists

Facebook Ads

You’ve no doubt heard (and seen!) about how hot Facebook advertising is within the service industry. It’s easy and affordable to test this tactic out if you set the campaign up correctly.

You’ll need to add a pixel to the code of your website to track users using what’s called “cookies” — every visitor to your site will be assigned one and it will follow them virtually to their Facebook page. You’ll create a retargeting campaign on Facebook targeted towards your cookied website users. Now all you’ll need is some stunning creative and a suitable landing page. Encourage users once they’ve clicked to sign up for a free assessment or book their first appointment.

Here’s an example of a Facebook ad:

Image result for dentist facebook ad

Display Ads

Ever go shopping for shoes or for a car and then it seems like that website “follows” you around the web with ads? That’s the basics of display retargeting where you use Google Display Network (GDN) to showcase ads to users who visit your website. There are six standard sizes of display ads and you’ll need to add a pixel to your website  for Google similar to what you added for Facebook. You can set your desired monthly budget and many other options for showcasing these display ads. Here are a few examples:

Image result for dentist display ad

Direct Mail

Snail mail is so in right now. With most of us receiving hundreds of emails per day, a great way to stand out from the noise is with retargeting direct mail. Typically it’s a normal-sized or over-sized postcard delivered around 48 hours after a customer visits your website. Add an offer to the postcard for new patients and/or seasonal messaging to help drive interest.

Here’s an example of a direct mail postcard:

Image result for dentist postcard

Now that you have a breakdown of our favorite dentist remarketing strategies – what are some of yours? How do you attract new patients to your dental office? Share in the comments!

As a dentist, you’re so focused on patient care that marketing often takes a backseat. Well, you don’t have to feel that way anymore. As marketing technology continues to improve, apps have emerged that make posting, emailing, downloading, and following up easier (and faster) than ever. You should always be building your marketing “tool kit” by finding which applications work best for you and your practice.

We’ve tried and reviewed hundreds of marketing services and software over the years, and here’s a short list of our absolute favorites – along with a bit about each one. Consider utilizing the following marketing apps and see how easy running a campaign can be.

Best Dental Marketing Automation Software


About the app: Save time managing social media for your business. Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.

Takeaway for dentists: Buffer is your classic social media marketing automation tool, but with more upgrades and add-ons than ever before. When marketing hours are hard to come by for a busy practice, you want your social pages to be at a glance, and all in one place. Schedule posts, track follower growth, analyze which themes create the most engagement, and so much more. Buffer can do everything and that means so can you.


About the app: Reach your future users anywhere. Adjust’s dynamic integration with over 2,000 ad networks means you can get granular insights four levels deep with campaigns across web, mobile and even TV. Our Fraud Prevention Suite guarantees you only ever pay for genuine engagements, keeping your budget safe and your data accurate.

Takeaway for dentists: Web, mobile and TV advertising is now easier than ever with Adjust. If you have an analyst on staff, or you’re working with a marketing consultant (like us!) ask them about Adjust which is “next level” marketing and so sophisticated you need someone to manage it daily. It’s totally worth it.


About the app: Tatango was founded in 2007 with the simple goal of providing easy-to-use text message marketing software and industry expertise to marketers. Since then, Tatango has grown into the market leader in text message marketing. Tatango now powers SMS, MMS, and RCS marketing campaigns for some of the most well-known brands in the world. Tatango is comprised of a team of seasoned text message marketing experts located in Seattle and New York. Our passion at Tatango is helping marketers solve their text message marketing challenges, no matter how challenging.

Takeaway for dentists: Automated text messaging is the wave of the future in dental marketing. Confirming appointments, nurturing prospects, and keeping that “family” feel for your office — all of that is possible when you work with Tatango. Think about how comfortable you are receiving a text from friends or family — now you can have all your patients feel that comfortable by talking to them how they prefer, via text!


About the app: We created Zocdoc to solve patient problems, beginning with online appointment-booking – and we haven’t stopped building since. With Zocdoc, you can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online, make informed choices with verified reviews, and stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders. And those pesky waiting room forms? Fill them out online, just once, and keep them forever.

Takeaway for dentists: Zocdoc makes patient & appointment management a breeze. Use it on all devices and you won’t believe how simple practice management (an extremely complicated issue) can be. Follow up with automated review requests and send reminders to keep everyone showing up on time. Almost like having a mini receptionist in your pocket.


About the app: The ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform is an integrated solution that enables you to seamlessly market your business. Everything you need to do your own marketing can be done in the ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform. See your marketing plan, track leads, organize contacts, update your website, send emails, and post to social media—all in the platform. Not only can you perform all your marketing activities, you can see the results too. The ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform tracks leads and analyzes each marketing activity to show you what is most effective for your business and who is interested in working with you.

Takeaway for dentists: An all-in-one platform that’s taking the industry by storm. If you’re looking for a simple solution to manage all of your marketing suite, you should choose ThriveHive. The best part is the attribution system that shows you clearly which channel is driving the most new patients to your practice.


About the app: Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results. We help businesses of all types increase their visibility using turn-key solutions, allowing our customers to get back to running their business while we work behind the scenes to get them results. Vivial’s mission is to help our customers grow their business, whether that is through our easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology or a custom marketing campaign that we create, implement and monitor. Easily said, Vivial makes the complex simple.

Takeaway for dentists: Vivial has everything you’d ever need for your marketing suite. From social media to local search, from paid ads all the way through a massive database of print publications (for real). They work with major brands and have local offices in every major city in the US.

Campaign Monitor

About the app: Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business. Use our drag-and-drop email builder and pick from hundreds of professionally-designed templates. Make them your own for a completely branded email campaign that looks great on every device. Use our new and unique visual journey designer to create more timely emails that keep your audience engaged, and automatically drive revenue. Data is the fuel for personalized content. Using detailed lists and smart segments, your messages instantly drive more engagement and create more value over time – so it’s not just email marketing, it’s more like email between friends.

Takeaway for dentists: Email marketing made real easy or real sophisticated, depending on how much time you’d like to spend on it. Campaign Monitor has everything you’d need to ‘set it and forget it’, but also has an extremely robust system of tags and segments to send the perfect message to the right patient at the right time. Plus, with thousands of possible templates to modify you’ll feel like an email designer from Day 1.


About the app: Appointfix lets you effortlessly schedule appointments and reduce no-shows using automated text reminders, making your life just a little bit easier. Gain more freedom by being able to check your appointments or schedule new ones no matter where you are. Appointfix is the modern appointment book that syncs across all of your mobile devices. Once you’ve saved an appointment, your job is done! Appointfix automatically sends text message reminders to your clients when their appointments are coming up. No more sending texts manually! Appointfix helps you remember everything about your customers and gives you quick access to essential information, just when you need it. Whether it’s notes, history of purchases, or the time of their next appointment, they are just a tap away!

Takeaway for dentists: With specific focus on appointment scheduling, with a best-in-class calendar feature, you’ll wonder how your practice ever stayed on track without it. Download the Appointfix app on your mobile devices to stay up-to-date when you’re on-the-go and make sure you have in-office coverage on the busiest days. Scheduling help is here!


Everyone loves Twitter. For a small business like a dental practice, Twitter should absolutely be part of your marketing mix. But it can be confusing and intimidating to jump right in. We’re here to help you get started. Follow the Twitter marketing tips for dentists below to get a handle on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right.  Happy Tweeting!

Twitter Marketing for Dentists

Fill out your entire profile

This is where you start. You’re going to want to sign up and claim a name that represents your business. Keep it professional and straight forward. It’s easy to want to be clever and tongue-in-cheek, but for personal branding reasons you should grab your own name, or office name, and sign in.

Once you claim a name, start building out your profile. Choose a hero image (large picture at the top) and a profile image (smaller circle) that represent your business. Best practice for dentists is to put a picture of yourself as the profile picture, and a picture of your office or staff as the header image. Choose a bright, clean image that showcases how friendly your office is!

Lastly – create a bio for your page. Describe what services you offer, where your office is located, and you can even brag about your five-star reviews.

Share your content

You’re reading this article because you want to promote yourself better — so don’t forget to do that! Every piece of marketing content you create for your practice should be sent through your Twitter profile. A blog post, a pamphlet, an infographic, a new wonderful patient review — all of these are opportunities for promotion. Don’t miss out!

Feeling too busy? Set a calendar reminder to Tweet at lunch, and then again at the end of the day. Start with that and build up from there. You’ll find it’s quicker and easier than you’d imagine.

Retweet and follow others

Twitter is a community. It’s about sharing information at rapid speed. It’s about networking and having fun. It’s about sharing cool stuff (see below). So get involved! Follow other dentists, follow your patients, follow the rock stars in your industry, follow everyone that makes sense for your business.

Don’t just follow them, retweet them! Share their posts to your audience and they’ll do the same. It’s a two-way conversation, so don’t forget to reply to those who reply to you. Be respectful, honest, and have fun.

Share industry content

Your Twitter page can seem robotic if all you’re doing is sending out messages about your practice. Mix things up, frequently, by sharing industry content. A national publication writes an article about modern dentistry? Share it. Another practice writes a great blog post about brushing tips? Share it. Share the wealth and others will return the favor. Your audience will be grateful to hear from other voices and know that your page isn’t being run by a robot.

Use #hashtags

To be found on Twitter, especially as you’re beginning to build your page, you’ll need to include hashtags. Do some research by seeing what dental industry hashtags are often used. Do some more research and see what hashtags are used by everyone, but still pertain to what type of message you’re sharing.

You include these hashtags so when people are researching “trending topics” (Twitter’s most popular discussions at that moment) your tweet has a chance to surface.

Promote it

Lastly, since you’re spending so much time working on  your new Twitter page, don’t forget to promote it at the office! Include it in your email newsletter. Put a small business card stand at reception with your Twitter handle prominently displayed. You’ll be surprised how many patients will follow up to stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

And why wouldn’t they? You’re sharing cool facts, information about the firm, industry content, and so much more.

Need a little extra help? Feel free to contact me directly to learn more 🙂